Tuesday, August 30, 2011




6 months and several thousand dollars later and I think I can call her done. Not quite what I had initially conceptualized, but I couldn’t been more pleased with the end result. The project couldn’t have been possible without the help and products from all the wonderful people out there who are keeping SR’s alive and kicking. Hopefully my faithful following of spammers will leave ya-all alone.

Thank you to Peter at Motolanna, Seattle Powder Coating, Bent Bike in Lynnwood Wa, Mike’s ES, Webbike Japan, Buchanan’s Spoke and Wheel and all the individual sellers out in Ebay land who provided me with all the parts and pieces to pull it all together. And thank you to my dad for putting motorcycles into my blood and the guidance and answers along the way. My family and I are taking a trip this summer back to Montana and I plan to bring Eleanor along so My dad and I can meet up and take the project bikes for a ride and close out the story…..Stay tuned!